Professional Plant Diagnosis ~ In-store & Online

Our team of experts, including Jim Hole (B.Sc. in Agriculture, Certified Pesticide Applicator & Certified Arborist), will professionally diagnose the issue and Hole's will contact you with your report and treatment plan.

What's included

  • Professional diagnosis of plant problem

  • Soil test that includes: pH, salts & texture

  • Recommendations for treatment, if necessary

  • Diagnostic report

  • Follow up gardening tips

In-Store Diagnostic

What to bring with you

Plant sample

  • Proper plant sample size is critical for accurate diagnosis. The larger the plant sample size the better. Affected and non-affected leaves, branches, bark should be included.

  • To ensure woody specimens (branches, stem sections, roots and crowns) don't dry out wrap in damp paper towel if necessary and enclose in plastic bag.

  • Dig up plants rather than pulling them from the ground to preserve feeder roots.

  • Weed identification often requires the entire plant and it must be in good shape.

Soil sample

  • Sample garden soil from test area down to 15cm depth. Collect a 250ml sample.

  • Potting soil sample should be 1/2 cup (125ml) and taken from the middle of the pot.

Pest sample

  • Tupperware or other sealed containers are ideal for preserving insect/disease pests and reducing drying of samples. Keep samples in a cool spot to slow deterioration.

Photograph Samples

  • Photo of the whole tree

  • Photo of the trunk where it meets the soil

  • Photo of the affected area

Online Diagnostic

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