How To Survive Thanksgiving

This weekend is a big one. For many families it’s one of the largest feasts you will have this year.

And for many people watching their waistlines, and are worried about their health, it can be a scary venture. That fear of gaining more weight, being “bad” on your diet can just add to the stress of a day with extended family and all the things that come with it even if it’s all in good fun.

Ever since I started training clients back in 2003, this weekend has always brought up the question “What do I do to survive this weekend without gaining five pounds?!?!"

Well, I’m going to share some truth with you that for some will be a nice relief, and for others you might not want to believe it and roll your eyes at me. All I ask is you read on till the end.

Here is the truth.

If you are consistently working on and making progress on the actions (eating well and exercising right) that will help you reach your goals in your normal routine life, this one feast among the other few feasts you will have each year will account for so few meals that it won’t matter.

It’s true, one meal out of your normal routine won’t make enough impact to derail your goals. So truly enjoy your food, enjoy your wine, enjoy your family, and the next day, just get back to your regular routine.

There is no need to feel guilty, no need to go on some strange “cleanse” or “detox” afterwards. I often hear about people trying extreme things to counter act a weekend like the one coming up, or beating themselves up because they cheated on diet they were on. I have news for you, that diet cheated you. It cheated you out of having a good and guilt free time at a type of event that comes around only handful of times each year. You didn’t fail at the diet or exercise program, it failed at recognizing your need for being human.

So this Thanksgiving have a good time, guilt free. Tell others your fitness coach said so. Your routine of eating smart portions, quality food and moving your body the way it was meant to move can get back on track the next morning.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Robin Mungall NSCA CPT