This Feels Really Good... By Robin Mungall


One of the feelings I love the most is feeling accomplished.  Like when I cross off a bunch of things on my To Do list, or when I start a new house project and actually finish it.

There’s a sense of pride.  It’s knowing that I did the work and the reward is worth it.

Actually, it’s one of the things that drives me.  If I really take the time to analyze why I do certain things, it’s because ultimately, I want to feel accomplished.

And I don’t mean that in a snobby way – like look at all of my degrees and certifications – but rather in a way that feels “done” to me.

In the health and fitness world a lot of programs focus on the big goal – losing x amount of pounds.

And I’m definitely a fan of having big goals because they are our lighthouses.  They give us something to head towards and keep us on track through what can be a tumultuous journey.

But if your ultimate goal will take you a year or 6 months – or even a month – to accomplish… well that’s a bit too long to work towards something without feeling accomplished.

This is why most people lose motivation after a week or two on a new program.  The motivation is gone because there was no sense of accomplishment.

One of the reasons we feel good after crossing something off our To Do list is because we did the task and it’s DONE.

But as I already mentioned, for most people on a health journey you’re never really “done” in a day or a week.

See the problem?

This is why I like to celebrate other goals with my clients.  For example, maybe the goal is to come in 3 days a week.  We celebrate each visit and we celebrate at the end of the week too.

Or maybe I’m working closely with a client to ultimately eliminate sugar from their diet.  Maybe we start with eliminating sugar after 5pm.  We start with something we can do and say “done”.

This is where we feel accomplished.

I’m not sure if you ever ran or walked in a 5K or something like that before, but generally every half mile or mile there is a marker letting you know how much of the course has been completed.

Yes these markers are placed here as a general FYI, but they also serve as a reminder of what you’ve already accomplished.

Here’s my point: having ultimate goals is great and needed, but we also need the smaller goals too.  We need to feel accomplished on a daily basis.

We crave this feeling.  It makes us feel good.

The old adage about a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step comes to mind.  There’s a lot of meaning in that little sentence and one of the meanings is small goals are needed.

I would like you to set a small and specific actionable goal right now. What small goal will you accomplish today that will put you one step ahead in your health and fitness?

-Robin Mungall