2018 Fitness Resolution Top 5 Tips

2018 Fitness Resolution Top 5 Tips

I would like nothing more than to hear you tell me in 2019 that your New Years Resolution is to be more charitable or something noble like that and not to get into shape... again.


Because this year I want your “Get into shape” resolution to be something that becomes a sustainable practice and in 2019 you already ARE in shape. 

If you would like that as well here are my top 5 Tips to follow: 

1. Pause and Write Down Why

How will getting into shape be it weight loss or better endurance etc. do for you? What are the deep and meaningful benefits to you? Don’t just think about it, write it down and review it every single morning. 

2. Create a Smart Strategy

 Don’t fall for the hype. The “6 pack in 6 weeks, 3 day belly be gone detox and the magic supplements that promise the results right now.... they all prey on your current fragile emotional state but they very rarely deliver on any sort of sustainable change. Once your willpower is all used up you are left more tired and hating fitness for the rest of the year. 

Instead create a strategy that focuses on practicing one or two changes at a time for 2-4 weeks that you can confidently do. Here are three key questions you need

A: What do you have to do differently?
B: How will you do it?
C: What roadblocks are there and how will you overcome them? 


A: Get 3 workouts in a week
B: Schedule it in at 4pm Mon-Wed-Fri
C: Work stuff — Be flexible with a lunch time and/or Saturday 9am workout option 

3. Be Compassionate

Getting into shape requires healthy lifestyle changes, that’s not easy to do and you will make mistakes. There is no room for perfectionist mindsets. Where most people quit after the first slip up or when life gets hard, this is where I want to see you practice being compassionate with yourself. You will make mistakes, that’s called being human and that’s a great time to laugh and learn not cry and quit. Keep going that’s how sustainable change is done. 


I have been helping people get into shape since 2003. I can count the number of people who have done it alone with no support on one hand. 

Getting support is key to getting you through that stage when motivation dissipates but your actions are not quite a habit just yet. 

Think of support as a sporting event. You have fans in the stands, teammates and a coach all helping you win. Fans will cheer you on but won’t help you take action. They still want to see you win. This is the bulk of your friends and family. 

Teammates are taking action with you, all moving toward the same goal. A group of likeminded people like in my semi-private training program are going to war with you. They will help you stay consistent when times are tough.

Coaching will help you with an effective game plan and accountability for the best chance at winning. 

5. Keep A Record

No matter what you try, write down what you are doing. Your chances of fully succeeding DOUBLE when you write it down. No one can do this for you and deliver the same effect. YOU need to take responsibility for recording your actions, reviewing them and making progress. There is nothing worse than when I hear “I think I am doing it”. By recording your actions you can confirm your actions and know exactly how you are doing.


Have a healthy and happy New Year!

- Robin Mungall NSCA CPT

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