Andy's Workouts, Beta Edition

Andy's Workouts, Beta Edition

"Today we are going to do an Andy's Workout." 

Those were the words that drew curious expressions on every clients face this week as I had something special in store for each of them. 

"Who's Andy?" my clients would ask.

I would direct there attention to the three bronzed photo's hanging in my studio. 


"This is Andy... My grandfather and a man who serves as a constant inspiration in my life." 

The photo's were taken back in the mid 1930's (1934 I believe). They show my grandfather (Andy) and his friend during one of the athletic shows they performed back in the day. 

They would paint themselves in gold and put on a display of athleticism, strength and grace. It wasn't about bodybuilding or being sexy it was about being fit and healthy. 

Aside from being very fit, he was also a charitable family man with great integrity, an entrepreneur and recipient of Canada's Citizenship Award 13 times, and he loved chocolate even more than me. Not one day went by where a half eaten chocolate bar couldn't be found in his pocket. 

Growing up, he was my biggest role model. One of the things that he impressed on me was the importance of fitness, and through example I learned a few simple things to stay fit. 

When I would visit my grandparents in the summer I would wake up in the morning and catch my grandfather doing a little bit of exercise in the morning. 3 exercises to be exact. Before doing anything else he would get a little something done. It took 5 minutes maybe. Then some days he would do those exercises again just before lunch and I would do it with him. He would tell me that it's important to do some exercise everyday and make your muscles move. 

Nowadays as a fitness professional I reflect on those times with more thought than just a fond memory, it's something that I should be sharing with the world. Especially for anyone who is feeling stuck or struggling with getting something going. But mostly for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. 

So over this past week with clients I took them through a series of simple to do exercises that they could do anywhere, anytime. You could use these workouts to just do a little something in the morning, and repeat them (if you wanted) at lunch and when you get home from work and before bed without it being "gruelling". You could do it just once a day to supplement your gym workouts, or as part of an active and healthy lifestyle where things like bone density and muscle tone are important to you. You can also use the same movements in the gym and add dumbbells to them and make it a full workout. 

I loved sharing these workouts and seeing the look of satisfaction on my clients faces as a solution to some roadblocks around being consistent with exercise. 

So I'm going to continue sharing that feeling with you by opening up the opportunity to do Andy's Workouts for Free. 

- Feeling stuck and not doing any exercise? Andy's Workout is For You

- Want a supplement to your current workouts? Andy's Workout is For You

- Concerned with maintaining mobility, bone density or muscle tone? Andy's Workout is For You

- Having a hard time getting motivated to make lasting changes in health and fitness? Andy's Workouts is for you! 

So here is what I propose:

Starting First Week of May 1st Thru September 30th I would like to take some people in a private online (and possibly in person workshop) and teach you the Andy's Workout System (Beta Edition) complete with healthy lifestyle coaching doing things the way Andy did them. 

Here is what to expect:

- Complete an Andy's workout everyday (minimum 1 set of 3 exercises) 

- Private Facebook Group (This is how I can deliver instruction to everyone in the group)

- Lessons in eating healthier

- Lessons in active living

- Lessons in healthier mindset for confidence and self esteem

- Lessons in better sleep

- Lessons in self-motivation

- Support and Accountability

- Your health and fitness questions answered

- Chance to win prizes (random draws plus grand prize)

Now I am literally just throwing this group together, which is why it's going to be free, but as with everything I do, I will be bringing my coaching skills to you online. 

This is not for you if you don't want to put in any work, don't want to make changes in your health, are expecting some strange fad diet or are expect to be perfect. 

You have to be prepared to take small action, feel good and embrace the progress mindset over the "perfectionist" mindset. 

You have to be reasonably injury free (we all have that one wonky knee or stiff back) and if you have any health issues you must always get the ok from your doctor that it's ok to participate in any exercise program. 

You have to be under the age of 80 and have a Facebook profile to participate currently.

Let me know if you want to be put on the list to join the Beta Edition of Andy's Workout Program!

One more thing:

If you document your workouts and stay accountable to the program for at least 129 of the 153 total days you will be entered into a draw for a special prize! 

Thank you and I look forward to helping everyone who joins live a healthier lifestyle.


- Robin Mungall NSCA CPT

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