Go Beyond Skin Deep

Go Beyond Skin Deep

Most people want to be stronger, leaner, have more energy and be more flexible and pain free. At some level you want all of these goals or at least two of them. But it’s hard to make progress at times for various reasons, but one of those reasons is often what’s going on between the ears.

When I talk about goals with clients the first thing they talk about is what they can see either in the mirror or in their physical performance or both. But it always goes beyond skin deep. As I continue to probe with questions we get into the truth of it, we get into their deep reasons why weight loss, or being stronger or having more energy is important to them. It usually comes down to being able to do things in their lives that improve their confidence and quality of life in some way.

This is extremely important because those deep reasons “why” are what will motivate you to keep going when the going gets tough… and it will get tough, making a change always is.

I want you to think about your deep reasons why you want to get into better shape. Have that conversation with yourself, get to the deep emotional reasons why… I’m guess it doesn’t have anything to do with a number on the scale. Once you know those deep reasons why, make that the measuring stick rather than a scale or how many pushups you can do. Sure those things are nice to see change, but you will no longer be rules by those numbers, instead ask yourself if you are getting closer to or achieving those deep reasons why as that is far more important to feeling fulfilled in your fitness goals and the actions you are doing to reach them.


- Robin Mungall NSCA CPT

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