Motivation Is Not The Key

“I just need some motivation”

If I had a dime for every time I heard someone tell me that I would probably have more money than Oprah.

Motivation is like a wave, it builds for a short time then peaks and finally disappears back into the sea. In other words it comes and goes. If you rely on the wave of motivation in order to get up and start exercising you are unlikely to maintain any kind of consistency. You will be constantly be controlled these waves and fall into the yo-yo of being a little bit more fit and then back to where you started. With each passing wave you start to feel in less control until one day you just give up (usually 19 years for women and 9 for men).

Think about exercise as you would brushing your teeth. It doesn’t matter if you have a good day, bad day or are really rushed in the morning, like clockwork you brush your teeth nearly every morning. It doesn’t require waves of motivation to do it because it’s a habit. That’s where you need to get with exercise if you want to get results that matter and that last.

But how do you do this?

Here are a few simple but important steps that have nothing to do with waiting for motivation.

  1. Find your deepest reasons why you want to exercise. Why is it even important to you? Everyone has their reasons, it has to mean something to you that provokes some sort of emotion. Go deep into it. Saying “I exercise to lose weight or feel better” isn’t enough. Why is that important to you? Go deep into it and be specific. In that why discovery you will find all the “motivation” you need.

  2. The exercise you did in tip 1 above… WRITE IT DOWN and review it daily. At first reviewing it will be easy, but after a few weeks it will get annoying, stick with it because every time you review it your subconscious is taking notes that this is important and it makes it easier to stay consistent with exercise.

  3. Schedule your workouts in your calendar and remember you are a VIP! Treat your appointments with exercise as VIP treatment, after all this is your health we are talking about. Even if it’s 10 minutes, schedule it in and check it off.

  4. Days you feel worse than usual employ the 5-4-3-2-1 method. In your head or out loud countdown from 5 to 1 and like your would say “blastoff” if you were a rocket, physically get up and put your shoe on. Chances are good once you have done that you are going to get your workout in. Countdown and do nothing, well, now you are in a battle with willpower, and that’s not the best tool either.

Do you have any tips that get you to stay consistent with exercise? Let me hear them.


- Robin Mungall NSCA CPT

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