3 Exercises For Perfect Posture

3 Exercises For Perfect Posture

Poor posture hurts! Plain and simple. From low back pain, to neck stiffness, low energy and even loss of inches of the vertical nature, and for those of us who are already vertically challenged (raising my own hand) we can’t afford to give up any more because of bad posture.

As most of my clients are 40 years old and up, over the years I have been able to make myself look like David Copperfield in their eyes by fixing their posture and in turn many of those aches and pains I mentioned above. The secret? Well first I identify why your posture is poor then I program exercises to help that.

Typically poor posture is due to 3 issues that are happening in combination.

  1. Low core strength

  2. Poor mobility in the hips and spine

  3. Lack of use of the mid back muscles

Today I want to share with you a 3 exercise workout that you can do every day to improve those issues. The workout is also the first workout in my upcoming Fit For Christmas 60 Day Online Program that starts October 20th. Enjoy.

Watch: Perfect Posture Workout

- Robin Mungall NSCA CPT

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