Stop S.A.D. With Exercise

Stop S.A.D With Exercise

Well it’s that time of year again, the days are getting shorter and catching enough sun rays for positive health is only going to happen on your winter destination vacation.

It’s around this time of year when seasonal affective disorder (SAD)  starts to ramp up, especially here in Alberta. Why is that important? Well if you suffer from it you will know that your mood is more depressed, your energy levels are lower and you have a general feeling of malaise which can lead to lower metabolism, lower strength and lower quality of life.

The good news is, there are plenty of actions you can take to reduce or even eliminate the effects of SAD. Including exercise, spending time in full spectrum lighting, making sure your keeping up with the right amounts of vitamin D and doing things that reduce stress.

Being a fitness expert, I’m going to share with you some simple tips you can do to use exercise to your advantage to combat SAD.

  1. Schedule in 30 minutes a day for exercise. In general 2-3 days of resistance training and 4-5 days of cardio/yoga/walking which ever you enjoy. Resistance training a few days a week however is a must, as working your muscles maintains your bones, strength and muscles mass which are keys for both circulating blood flow and keeping your metabolism up.

  2. When you are doing your resistance training try to workout at an intensity that is about a 5 - 7 out of 10 in terms of difficulty, you should finish your workout feeling like you could have done a little bit more.

  3. Aim to improve your active living movement until you are over 8,000 steps or 45 minutes a day most days of the week. If you are already there, during the winter months stay on top of it.

That’s it. Pretty simple. If you need a resistance workout to help you get started at home, here is a simple one.


- Robin Mungall NSCA CPT

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