Stay on Track this Halloween

Stay on Track this Halloween

Happy Tuesday!

Tomorrow is Halloween and perhaps you will be sneaking a few little treats here and there for the next few days. My advice for you if you choose to eat those little extra treats is to go low on your starchy carbs and caloric beverages on those days to balance out the calorie content :) 

Aside from that, when we talk about weight loss of course portion control is number 1. But our irrational brains can get in the way which is why it's hard to do especially if you are just winging it. 

So even if you re being more portion aware, here are 3 other things that can help you be successful. 

1. Record You Intake & Behaviours 
 I see a lot of people logging their weight on the scale or taking waist measurements which is all fine and good. But this usually ends up in tears unless you put your focus on recording the actions you can control. You can't control the numbers shown on the measuring tape, you can only control the amount of food you eat and your system/structure of eating behaviours. 

I suggest tracking what needs to be changed. If you are trying to eliminate night time snacking or at least switch it to something healthier and lower calorie, then track that until you have a handle on it. Whatever behaviour you need to change in order to cut calories from your diet or increase movement in the day, that's what you track. Just keep it to 1-2 things at a time so you don't dilute your focus. 

2. Sleep
Sleep plays a big role in weight loss. Your body goes through metabolism processes as you sleep and works to balance your hormones and of course helps you be well rested which promotes a more energetic day (you burn more calories as a result).  You are more prone to poor food decisions and sugar cravings when you are tired and of course if you fight going to bed you might be the person who eat because they are tired instead of just going to bed. 

3. Manage Stress
We can talk all day about how much you should eat, how to eat and what to eat... but when the stress train runs you over, what do most of us do? We comfort/medicate ourselves with cookies, ice cream, chips and poutine and... well you get the picture. 

Look there is no way around being stress free, anyone who says they are stress free are either fake or delusional. We all experience stress, but how we manage stress makes a big difference to our health and when it comes to weight loss extra calories to comfort ourselves won't help. 

Learn zero calorie solutions to manage your stress. When you feel yourself getting worked up due to extra stress, stop and take a moment to breathe slowly and deeply. Seriously a change in your respiration is the first physical response to stress. You can manage your stress on the spot with this first counter measure. From there look to do something constructive for yourself rather than destructive. 

Do you have any tips and tricks that have worked for you to lose weight in the past? I would love to hear about it. Send me an email and tell me about it. 

Have a Happy Halloween this week :) 

- Robin Mungall NSCA CPT

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