Top 4 Weight Loss Mistakes

Top 4 Weight Loss Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s part of being human, and when it comes to the wacky world of weight loss mistakes are plentiful. But try not to be too hard on yourself because most people are making the same ones you have made and maybe are making right now. Let’s see if I can help you avoid making any more with this list of top 4 weight loss mistakes.


Mistake # 1 Eating “Diet” Foods

It’s easy to gravitate towards foods that are marketed as “healthy, sugar free, low fat or low carb” however many of these foods are not any better or worse, provide no nutritional value whatsoever. Low fat for example is often filled with sugar while low carb is often high in fat. Veggie “chips” while low in everything, provides no nutritional value and provides little satiety meaning you will be just as hungry if you ate nothing. It’s also easier to overeat these types of foods because we think it’s healthier. The best foods to eat for fat loss are your whole natural foods like veggies and lean protein. Fibrous foods and high protein foods increase the thermic effect (how many calories it takes to turn food into fuel) and make you feel full for longer with small portions.


Mistake # 2 Trying To Change Everything At Once

I get it. We live in a fast paced world where things change in almost an instant. That cell phone you bought yesterday is already out of date, your kids first day of school was just yesterday and now they are asking for the car keys. You jump on the internet everyday and see people making amazing body transformations and think you can just change everything like they did and be the next transformation. But in reality, the human body is still rather archaic and doesn’t like to make huge changes so rapidly, and that goes for your brain as well. It becomes too overwhelming for most people and by week 8 you’ve gone completely off the rails deeming yourself a failure, when in fact you are just a normal human who’s only mistake was your strategy. Instead of doing everything at once, make small changes that you can confidently stick to. For most people that means one or two changes every month. Oh and those amazing transformations? Often they are either the exception rather than the norm or they did it with small changes, you just never got to see that part of their story because …. Well…. It doesn’t sell.


Mistake # 3 Going To Extremes

Think you have to cut out carbs, never drink a glass of wine again, go “30 days without sugar”, workout until you want to puke or do some weird “cleanse” to lose weight? All of these things are “shiny objects” that attract your emotional state of wanting to lose weight NOW! But weight loss of the permanent kind is not about going to some extreme measure for a temporary drop on the scale that you could never keep up with. These tactics won’t serve you long term and can often be harmful to your health. Instead think about your lifestyle, the movement you do each day and how you are eating and planning to eat. Every morning ask yourself “how can I make this a little better?” That’s the game you are in and the more consistent you are at being a little better the more the results will come and they will also stick around for the rest of your life.


Mistake # 4 Focusing On The Finish Line

Most people look at weight loss as something they want to get over and done with a quick as possible and when it’s over they can get back to “normal”. I call this the “dieter” mentality and it almost never serves you well. Focusing on the outcome as though it is an end point of the journey misses the point and you either end up with minimal results or becoming the classic “yo-yo dieter for 20+ years”. Instead of focusing on the outcome think of you weight loss goals as you would your favourite song. You aren’t waiting for the song to be over, you are enjoying it in the moment as it’s playing. The habits you have to do to lose the weight permanently are the same ones you have to do to maintain that, so focus on those actions and “enjoy the music”.


Which of these mistakes have you made? How will you approach your weight loss goals differently after reading this? I would love to hear about it, feel free to email at and tell me about it.


- Robin Mungall NSCA CPT

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