Be Selfish!

Be Selfish!

If the path to getting what you want leaves everyone in your wake better off then there is no reason to hesitate. In fact it is even more important that you act “selfishly”

Lets take the prime example of taking time in your day to “selfishly” focus on your health and fitness.

You “selfishly” take time to exercise, prepare better meals for you and your family, go for walks and even take time to meditate.

The result of your selfish actions?

  • You get to live a better quality of life for longer, meaning you can share in more experiences with loved ones.

  • You sleep better and are in a better mood making everyone around you happier to be in your presence

  • You have more “pep” in your step meaning you can actually interact with the kids and grandkids (aka more fun for everyone)

  • When you fall down you get back up and laugh instead of having to be rushed to the emergency room.

  • When others fall down or need your help you are strong enough to help them out

  • By simply focusing on that healthier lifestyle you INSPIRE your spouse, kids, and friends to do the same and health spreads without you even pushing it on anyone. You become a positive game changer for others.

So go on.... Be selfish!

- Robin Mungall, NSCA CPT

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