5 Mindsets For Being Successful At Fat Loss & Life

5 Mindsets For Being Successful At Fat Loss & Life

by Robin Mungall

It's no secret that losing fat and keeping it off is hard to do. It's also no secret that to make a permanent change, your mindset has to change. As Einstein once said " No problem can be solved with the same thinking that created it." 

If you don't change your mindset, fat loss or achieving any other type of success in life will likely fail. Now I know you might be saying "I know I need to change my mindset, but what does that change look like?"  

Well, I believe that everyone who wants to lose fat but is failing already posses the mindset they require... they just apply it to other aspects of their lives that they are more confident in. I see it all the time with entrepreneurs, executives and super amazing moms. The key is to learn how to apply that same mindset to your fat loss goals. I've studies those mindsets for years and found 5 key similarities. You need only apply them to what ever goal you want, including fat loss. Here they are:

Successful Mindset 1

A successful mindset... Says I can... not I can't. The first mindset for success is to believe that you CAN do something. Even if that "I CAN" attitude means I CAN TRY MY BEST and then actually try your best without knowing the outcome. A successful mindset will always start an actionable sentence with I CAN. 

Successful Mindset 2

A successful mindset...Understands that change is hard work and your lifestyle is going to make changes that are not always comfortable at first. This mindset is prepared to step out of that comfort zone because that's where the results you want reside. You might not feel ready for all the changes, but in most cases you never will be. I always ask clients who struggles with this "If not now, then when?" There is no perfect moment. Trust in yourself, you can handle what comes your way. 

Successful Mindset 3

A successful mindset...Understands that the path to reaching your goals isn't always clear... but your goal needs to be crystal. The more clear and specific you are about your goal the easier it is to carve the right path. No stars will ever align perfectly just for you, your path is forged by your own actions. Let your goal be a guiding light that helps you forge on in the right direction.

Successful Mindset 4

A successful mindset...Has control over emotion instead of allowing emotion to take control. It takes discipline and the right strategy to stick to your path and not allow your emotions to put you off course. We are emotional beings, and it's important to acknowledge when you are feeling more emotional and be ok with that. But stay disciplined, step back take a deep breath or two and reset your mind before you act. This control for many of my fat loss clients has been the most difficult to master but has been the single biggest key to turning things around.

Successful Mindset 5

Finally a successful mindset...Understands WHY they want to achieve their goal. The deepest reasons why you want to lose fat, get stronger, run faster, make more money, work less hours, are key drivers in staying intrinsically motivated. Too often I hear people wanting to lose a few pounds but they don't really know why when I ask them. Some feel pressure from society, others do it because they want to look like a swim suit model. Those reasons are not deep enough to make a serious change. It has to strike emotion and you have to tap into that. Why does that societal pressure bother you? Why does being a swim suit model appeal to you? 

Ask yourself WHY and then ask why that then ask why again. Go 3-5 why's deep if you have to. When you strike an emotional cord you've got your real reasons. Now you can create a strategy to use that why to reach your goals.

- Robin Mungall, NSCA CPT

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