Is Self-Care a Cliche? By Robin Mungall


I’m beginning to think that self-care is a bit cliché. I see TV shows talk about it.  I see other businesses try to sell it.  I read magazine articles about it.  John Tesh shares tips on his nightly radio show.
Self-care gets so much coverage, but it never seems to translate into actual self-care.
Know what I mean?
Last week I talked with a lady who is 36 years old, has 3 kids, a full-time job, is married, and has 2 dogs.  She barely has time to breathe. She knows she needs to take better care of herself, but she’s hesitant.


Because she’s been down this path so many times before.  She swears that because (the kids are going back to school, it’s the new year, she turned 36, etc.) that she’s really gonna do it this time.
But deep down – she’s not excited about working out or eating well. She does want to feel better.  She wants to look better. She wants to be happier. But working out is never fun. And eating healthy is super-boring.
She’s kind of tired of feeling this way. Overwhelmed is her word for how she feels. How can she possibly start to all of a sudden workout a ton, eat no sugar or carbs, start meditating, doing a daily journal, write love notes to her husband, reach out to old friends, take long walks in nature, and read a book every 3 days?
Like I said earlier. She barely has time to breathe.
I’m glad she reached out to me though. I hear stories like hers a lot. The self-care industry is important, but boy-oh-boy do they have a way of making most of us feel super-guilty about what we’re NOT doing.
That never makes us feel good. It’s one of the many reasons I believe in a journey. If I want to reach a goal, I have to take steps towards that goal.
One step at a time.  And repeat. And repeat.
Being healthy is a habit with no end date.  It’s something we all work on daily.  Some days we’re rockstars and other days we’re lucky to make it out of the house looking somewhat human.
Don’t let self-care be a source of stress.  Simply pick one thing to focus on and do that one thing for the next week.
Just decide and commit.
By the way here are a few great single habit things to commit to. Pick one to get started.

  • Drop your average weekly consumption of pop, juice and alcohol by 3 cups or more
  • Eat a fist full of veggies with 5 dinners
  • Cut your night time snack portions in half then drink a cup of water
  • Have some protein at breakfast like an egg or cottage cheese
  • Do 10 squats and hold a plank for 10-30seconds every morning before work or right when you get home after work
  • Prepare a healthy lunch for Monday and one other day this week

What habit are you going to start with? Feel free to let me know, and if I can give you some advice to make your strategy work better, I am happy to help. 

- Robin