Seeds Of Health: Unleash The Power Of 10%

A few months back I was getting my hair cut and my hair dresser was in need of a little advice. She tells me she has been struggling to lose some weight, and just wants to feel healthier overall. In her confession to me, she admitted to feeling guilty about not taking action, and also feeling like reaching her goals were so far away that it felt futile to even try. 

After hearing everything she wanted to tell me about her fitness goals, I pondered out loud to her and said, "what would happen if instead of trying to do everything at once and focusing on a far away end point you did just 10%, and focused on being just 10% better, how would that make you feel if you did just that?"

She thought about it for a moment as if someone just gave her permission to not be perfect, but still farther ahead. She responded back telling me that even 10% would be better.

So we talked a little more about what 10% really means. Here are 3 ways that we applied the 10% rule for her.

1. Bump up your steps by 10% 

My hair dresser gets about 6,000 steps a day, so if we bump it up by just 10% that's an extra 600 steps a day, doesn't seem like much but at the end of the week that's an extra 4,200 steps. If you didn't do anything extra at the end of the month that would be over 17,000 steps. Just shy of 3 extra days worth of steps. 

2. Reduce sugar intake by 10%

She admitted to loving all things sugar and carbs, and she feels she eats too much of it. So what if we trimmed the carbs on her plate by 10% each meal (we estimated 2 thumb sizes as a visual) 

3. Increase Sleep by 10%

A big part of having more energy and being healthier is quality sleep. Her average sleep lasts about 6 hours. Add 10% more and that's just an extra half hour. She felt it would be easy to get to bed 30 minutes earlier at least 5 days a week. That's an extra 10 hours of sleep in a month, almost 2 more nights worth for her. 

The other day I went to get my hair cut again. I saw my hair dresser and she greeted me with the biggest smile on her face. She was excited to tell me how great she was feeling by doing the "10%" rule and that she lost a jean size, and started a nightly walking group with her friends as a result. 

When you have a goal that seems far away, employ the 10% rule, and start making enjoyable progress to a healthier you.

What 10% things can you do? I would love to hear how you employ the power of 10%. Click here to email Robin.