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Our Dormant Spray Kit is our number one recommendation for spring and fall gardening. 

Dormant Spray will treat many serious pest problems and prevent other issues before they start. Using Dormant Spray in the spring in fall will protect your plants and make your summer gardening much easier and worry-free.

We consider it an essential item in the toolkit of any serious gardener.

What Is In A Dormant Spray Kit?

A Dormant Spray Kit combines lime-sulphur and horticultural oil, and it can be used on trees (including fruit trees), shrubs (including roses), and other deciduous ornamentals.

How Does Dormant Spray Work? What Does It Do?

When applied in the fall, the Dormant Kit is a great for controlling pests that overwinter on trees and plants.

The horticultural oil in the kit will smother aphid eggs and control scale (including Oystershell scale and Scurfy scale). At the same time, the lime-sulphur in the kit will control overwintering fungal disease.

When applied in the spring, the kit will smother active pests such as mites and aphids, and also control fungus. In fact, it can help prevent many fungal problems before they start (e.g. powdery mildew).

When Should the Dormant Kit Be Applied?

The kit should be applied when the temperature is mild (warmer than 5°C), but when the tree is still dormant.

In the spring, it can be sprayed after the temperatures are warmer than 5°C but before the leaf buds start turning green ("bud break").

In the fall, dormant spray can be sprayed when the leaves of the plant have died or fallen off but when the temperature is still above 5°C.

What Can't I Use the Dormant Kit On?

Caution should be exercised if applying dormant spray to an evergreen tree or shrub, as some evergreens are very sensitive to the spray because they keep their leaves year-round. Japanese Maple can also be sensitive.

If you'd like to know whether or not your plant is sensitive to dormant spray, test spray a few needles or leaves of the plant. If the plant is sensitive, it will show spray damage within a few days.