Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Vines (Including Roses, Clematis, and Evergreens)


Click the link below to view our 2018 ornamental tree, shrub, and vine list. (Updated April 19th, 2018. Please note that availability is based on a first come first serve basis.)

Lots of product is arriving daily and most of our trees, shrubs, and vines will be on the floor on or before May 11th, but join our eNewsletter for the most up-to-date news. Our fruiting tree and shrub list is available here.




Plant Growing Guarantee 

All Perennial, Tree or Shrub plants purchased from Hole’s that ...
die and are returned within the first growing season (until November of the year purchased) can be exchanged for a 100% in-store credit from Hole’s provided they were properly planted and received reasonable care. 

Perennial, Tree or Shrub plants* that die within the second growing season (until November of the year after purchased) can be exchanged for a 50% in-store credit from Hole’s. 

* Tender roses and other plants tagged yellow are guaranteed for the first growing season only. 

All Other Plants* purchased from Hole’s that ...
die within one month can be exchanged for a 100% in-store credit from Hole’s provided they were properly planted and received reasonable care. 

* Separate guarantee for cut flowers and arrangements. 

All plants must be returned with the plant variety tag and the original receipt. 

Credit can be used toward any Hole’s product. No Cash Refunds. 

Planting & Growing Instructions Trees & Shrubs 

For more complete growing & planting information on trees, shrubs and roses, be sure to check  Lois Hole’s Favorite Trees & ShrubsRose Favorites or Perennial Favorites. For solving problems quickly, try the Question & Answer books: Roses, Perennials or Trees & Shrubs.

Pre-planting Instructions 

  1. Keep plants in a cool, shady area. 
  2. Cover rootballs of unpotted plants with wet burlap to reduce drying. 
  3. Plant as soon as possible. 

How to Plant Trees & Shrubs 

  1. Dig a hole the same height and 3 times the width of the rootball. 
  2. Prepare a mixture of 80% garden soil and 20% Sea Soil. 
  3. Place enough mixture in bottom of the hole to bring the rootball to just below ground level; firm to remove air pockets. NEVER plant a tree deeper than it is in the pot! 
  4. Determine the appropriate amount of Myke to use, and apply to the rootball prior to planting. 
  5. Place plant in hole. 
  6. Fill hole with remaining soil mixture, and firm to remove air pockets. 
  7. Leave a slight depression around plant and water in. 
  8. Add a shallow layer of mulch: bark, pine cones, rocks or wood chips, to help ­retain soil moisture. Do not put near base of trunk. 
  9. Begin fertilizing with Nature's Source 4 weeks after the tree has been planted. 

Watering & First Growing Season Care 

  1. Water all trees and shrubs at least twice a week for the first growing season. 
  2. Fill the diked area with water (5 litres per 30 centimetres [1 gallon per foot] of growth). 
  3. If the water is thoroughly absorbed in less than ½ hour, repeat the watering. 
  4. If the soil remains very wet between waterings, reduce the water volume by ½, but maintain the same weekly schedule. 
  5. Fertilize with Nature's Source Plant Food once a month until the end of July.